Falcon Patrol

Falcon Patrol...

...is a group of 5th grade students at Mayo Elementary that are helpers throughout the school year.

What will Falcon Patrol do during the year?

Duty: Morning Announcements


Falcon Patrol

  • Come to guidance office at 7:30 am
  • Locate your information. Know your role (pledge/announcements) for the morning
  • Supervisor: Mrs. Beard

Duty: Raise/Lower Flag

Faclon Patrol

  • Raise the US Flag at 7:30 am– if rain is forecasted, we will not raise the flag that day
  • Lower the US Flag at 1:45pm each day
  • Supervisor: Mrs. Lisa and/or Mrs. Rosie 

Duty: Greeter (Upper and Lower Halls) (7:10 am)

Falcon Patrol

  • Stand at the corner of the upper hall and cross hall. If two greeters are assigned, the additional greeter will stand at the top of the 100 Hallway.
  • Greet students and teachers with a “Good Morning” or “Have a great day!”
  • Supervisor: Mrs. Beard 

Duty: Cafeteria Assistant (7:10 am)

Falcon Patrol

  • Make sure kindergarten students are seated, eating breakfast, etc. 
  • Assist kindergarten students who are eating breakfast (getting additional napkins, opening milk, etc.)
  • Assist the teacher on duty in the cafeteria, if necessary.
  • Supervisor: Teacher on Cafeteria Duty

Duty: Classroom Helper (7:10 am)

Falcon Patrol

  • Sharpen pencils for assigned teacher
  • Any other classroom duties assigned by teacher.
  • Supervisor: Classroom Teacher 

Duty: Lower Hall Reader (7:10 am)

Falcon Patrol

  • Read to students in hallway on lower hall
  • Supervisor: Mrs. Beard

Duty: Recycle Bins (7:15 am)

Falcon Patrol

  • Help take out recycling 
  • Supervisor: Mrs. Lisa 
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